s.r.s leveling system

Many SRS applications can't be executed at all with traditional pedestal systems, and none other than the Culinary Institute in Hyde Park is a prime example. And those that can are almost always more economically installed with SRS.  We also provide extended warranties, up to the length of the warranty on the underlying membrane for both the SRS system and its installation.

Some examples of where the SRS system excels and out-performs the competition:

Weeksville Heritage Center
Example of odd shaped paver on SRS
Cornell Fennel Hall
Example of an incline with SRS
Alabama SRS
Tall Pedestal
Pittsburgh VA
Pattern Inlay with SRS
PittsburghVA 164
SUNY Oswego
Wood pavers on SRS
Northwestern Univ
Ithaca College Dining Terrace
Porcelain Pavers on our SRS System
DC Courtyard Marriott
Pattern Inlay with SRS
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  • Tall Pedestals: To date,  the SRS method has been used to create pedestal support up to four feet high.

  • High Loads: SRS can be designed for very high loads, including heavy vehicles such as loaded forklifts and pickup trucks.

  • Steep Slopes:  Extraordinarily steep slopes can be compensated by SRS with relative ease. 

  • Multiple paver sizes and shapes, and complex paver patterns: There is no inherent limit on the blend of sizes, shapes, and patterns which can be installed quickly and economically on SRS.  The design professional has complete latitude on his choice of paver and pattern - including interlocking- size pavers. Curvilinear borders, radial patterns and angular pattern break lines are no problem for SRS.

  • Logos and mascots: Logos and mascots of virtually any complexity can be installed on SRS.

  • Water featuresGreen Roofs, Planters and StairsSurrounding and interwoven appurtenances can easily be included in an SRS design.   Continuous perimeter SRS pedestals can act as containment of green roof soils, planters [even very heavy ones] and even stairs can be supported by SRS, and any size or shape paver at a water feature can be set on SRS.

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